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11 thoughts on “Is Marques Johnson a Hall of Famer?

  1. I think you also need to include player’s college career when factoring things in. Call it the “Ralph Sampson Score”, since Sampson obviously only had two very good to great NBA Seasons, but got into the Hall due to his years as s dominating force at Virginia.

    Johnson was the very 1st Wooden Award winner, was a key player on a national championship team, and was everybody’s all-american for two straight seasons.

    With his entire body of work as a college and pro player, you could make a much better case for Johnson’s inclusion to the HoF.

    1. I agree. Obviously, either the people that say “no” to Marques being inducted, are either too young to know, or have never seen those 35 point performances during the playoffs. If you can put Chris Mullins in the H.O.F., you can definitely put Marques there also, hands down. Noteworthy: Mullins was a great player at St. Johns, but never won anything. Marques led his U.C.L.A. team to a national championship.

  2. If you include the Ralphie factor a lot of players need to be elected. Marques, Mark Aguirre, and Wayman Tisdale all have what it takes then, even though Tisdale doesn’t have a great pro career he has Oklahoma. I like Johnson to get in partly because he played in the great SF era of the 80’s. Take him and put him in the 90’s or 70’s and he’s a lock. Same with Mark Aguirre, and both have the huge disadvantage of playing in tiny media markets. Moncrief too, Sikma. No way guys like Hardaway or Jo Jo white should be nominated but they played in huge media centres and/or during wall-to-wall coverage, so being in Oakland wasn’t a disadvantage.

  3. Is the Hall of Fame suppose to be for the best players who played in the NBA?
    Was Cris Mullin a better player then Marques Johnson? I do not think so. Johnson had a better College Career as well as NBA Career. His stats prove that.
    Mullin was an Olympic Champion
    Johnson first 7 seasons playing against n marking Larry Bird, Julius Erving, Dominque Wilkins, james Worthy, Adrian Dantley to name to few and held his own against all of them
    What do you think?

    1. Agreed, Marques was quite a bit better than Mullin, and a more all-around player. During Marques’ seven seasons in Milwaukee, Dominique and Worthy were just getting started in the NBA, and the big time gunners in the West (Dantley, Alex English, Mark Aguirre) weren’t considered team players, so the “best forward” conversation involved Doc, Bird and Marques, with Bernard King entering into it in 1983 and 1984. Wilkes from the Lakers ended up making the Hall, but he was never the best player on any of his teams, so we can count four forwards (Dantley, English, Wilkes and Dominique) who made the Hall but were not considered better than Marques in his day.

      In fact, English was Marques’ backup in the 1977-78 season. The Bucks let English go to Indiana in free agency, not because Don Nelson didn’t realize how good English was (Nellie knew) but because the Bucks couldn’t afford to keep two great young small forwards, and Marques was the greater of the two. I realize that guys like English and Dantley and Dominique played a long time and scored 20,000+ points, and that’s why they made the Hall. But the better player — Marques — should get his due.

  4. Great analysis, and I agree with the conclusion. Longevity, drug issues and the Bucks failure to make an NBA final work against Marques. Working for him are three main factors:

    1) It’s the basketball HOF, not the NBA hall (Ralph Sampson example), and he was John Wooden’s last great forward on the last Wooden championship, and he (along with David Meyers) led the team. The Wooden award in 1977 helps,too.

    2) The peak four years 1978-81 are one of the best runs ever made by a small forward. Appreciation of Marques’ suffered then and now from the fact that those are also Dr. J’s best years in the NBA, and Bird and Magic stole quite a bit of thunder from both Doc and Marques. In the months just prior to Bird and Magic’s debut in 1979, Marques was hands down the media’s top forward in the All-Pro voting, with Bobby Dandridge No. 2 — so after the 1978-79 season, it was clearly appreciated by basketball media that Marques had a better year than Doc, and the best season at the forward position.

    3) Playoffs. The Bucks swept Bird, McHale, Parish and Maxwell out of the 1983 playoffs (this is a correction to the analysis, which says the Bucks made only one East Finals appearance with Marques; they made two, 1983 and 1984). The Bucks would lose to the fo’ fi’ fo’ Sixers led by Moses Malone, and were the only team to put up a fight against that great Philly team, arguably the best team in NBA history. That’s gotta count for something, and who even dreams of sweeping the Bird-McHale-Parish-Maxwell Celtics?

    In that playoff sweep, Marques (not Moncrief) led the Bucks, as Sidney continued a string of subpar (for him anyway). In Larry Bird’s autobiography, he credits Marques “played very well” and Bob Lanier “played well” as the key contributors to the Celtics 1983 woes, but mentions no other Buck other than the coach, Don Nelson. This isn’t to discredit Moncrief, who also deserves the hall based on his great years 1982-1986, but Milwaukee Bucks playoffs belonged to Marques. His Win Shares Per 48 in the 1978 and 1981 are off the chart (.240 and .280 respectively). He outplayed Dr. J in 1981, and played a heroic game 7, only to fall short 92-91.

    The intense playoff series 1981-83 involving the Boston-Philly-Milwaukee triumvirate in the East, produced some of best basketball I’ve ever seen. It’s too bad that those pre-ESPN, pre-NBC years were easily forgotten except in relation to Larry Bird’s success, and that’s something Dr. J has complained about in his writing. The memory fog only gets thicker when it comes to Marques and his Bucks teams/

    1. Correction: Playoff Win Shares per 48 for Marques in 1978 (nine game vs. Phoenix and Denver) and 1981 (seven games vs. Philly) were .280 and .260 respectively, even better than I originally posted. Should have checked before posting, sorry.

      To relate those WS/48 numbers, Dr. J’s highest impact Win Share playoffs were 1977 and 1982, at .215 and .185 respectively.

      Bird’s best were .198 in 1981, .236 in 1984 and .263 in 1986. No surprise that those are the three Bird championship playoffs.

      Lebron James posted a .284, a .270 and a .260 for the 2012, 2013 and 2014 playoffs, the Heat winning it all in 2012 and 2013.

      I would argue that the Bucks and Marques in 1981 were good enough to win a title, and Dr. J agreed at the time after the Sixers escaped game 7 in Philly with a 92-91 victory, then ran out of gas after being up 3-1 against the Celtics. The fact of the East being loaded with great teams in Philly, Boston and Milwaukee in the early 1980s deserves an asterisk of some kind in the NBA record books, and should be taken into consideration for the Bucks (Marques and Moncrief) who have yet to make the Hall of Fame.

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